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Revelation – Dawn of Global Government

About Revelation – Dawn of Global Government

( Purchase the DVD for this movie from Amazon.com by clicking on the above image )

The American Republic, Christian faith and liberty are rapidly being destroyed by a Trojan Horse of globalism. As we have slept…”CHANGE HAS COME TO AMERICA”!

Awakened late, we will find ourselves enveloped, suffocated in a global prison planet. Americans know change has arrived. Few realize how truly wrong it has gone. Issues of control are far greater, far darker than which party dominates the political spectrum. Global government driven by an unelected and ruthless elite is the enemy of mankind. THIS IS OUR STORY…

A small nucleus of motivated people can change the course of history. To do nothing is to declare defeat.

This film has the power to stimulate passion in those who have forgotten what it is to be an American…

The Republic weeps. Listen to her cry!

Starring: Country Music legend Charlie Daniels, Alex Jones and Lieutenant General William Boykin and others.

Revelation – Dawn of Global Government – Theatrical Trailer

Climate Hustle

About Climate Hustle

Scorching temperatures. Melting ice caps. Killer hurricanes and tornadoes. Disappearing polar bears. The end of civilization as we know it! Are emissions from our cars, factories, and farms causing catastrophic climate change? Is there a genuine scientific consensus? Or is man-made “global warming” an overheated environmental con job being used to push for increased government regulations and a new “Green” energy agenda?

Climate Hustle answers these questions, and many, many more.

It debunks the myths and hype about man-made global warming in an informative and entertaining style. It will help to put an end to the debunked myth of the effects of “global warming” which have not even occurred over the past 20 years.


( Click on the above image to order a copy of this important documentary )

Climate Hustle trailer


About AmeriGEDDON:

  • Produced by Forewarned LLC.
  • Directed By Mike Norris (son of Chuck Norris)
  • Starring: Gary Heavin, Marshal Teague, Deena Meyer, Anna Lynne McCord, and Diane Ladd
  • AmeriGEDDON The Movie – Official Website
  • AmeriGEDDONFacebook Page

First released for American theaters on May 13, 2016, the movie AmeriGEDDON offers “a dire warning of a wake-up call” regarding what might be in our future when a globalist terrorist organization aligned with the United Nations disables the United States power grid through an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, followed by the imposition of Martial Law and widespread gun confiscations – a scenario that has been on the mind of many of late.

According to the description of the movie posted on the The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, AmeriGEDDON is so real that it has been banned from Hollywood. Using current headlines as its focus, AmeriGEDDON “takes the viewer from the comfort of one’s existence into the darkest recesses of our future.”


AmeriGEDDON trailer

True Legends – The UNholy See

About True Legends – The UNholy See

Are the forbidden secrets of the prehistoric past linked to the forthcoming events of the prophetic future? Is there a hidden hand confiscating and concealing artifacts relating to the world before the Flood of Noah and the hybrid entities that inhabited it? Are living giants still walking the earth today? Is the Vatican preparing for the arrival of “alien saviors”? In this fast-paced episode, Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino and Tom Horn unveil the surprising answers to these compelling questions.


(The 2nd episode is currently available on DVD or BLURAY for $24.99 or $34.99 respectively. The 1st episode is available to watch through Vimeo On Demand for $14.99. Both episodes are available through the above link where you can find reviews also.)

True Legends – The UnHoly See (Episode 2) trailer



» Other Featured Information Products

The Ex Recovery System

Popular and Proven Step-by-step Solution to Helping People Recover Their Relationships in a Short Period of Time

ghimback003_200As opposed to many “get your ex back” systems, The Ex Recovery System is an all-around simple to learn, straight-forward and comprehensive program which is not only aimed at getting your ex back but also enabling anyone to fully grasp the secrets of psychology and attraction. That makes this system a necessity if you need to figure out how to attract as well as keep the person that you are drawn to. Ashley Kay steps you through the necessary steps that you absolutely need so that you can re-activate attraction triggers quickly.

The program is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Understanding the Other Person: The psychology behind the reason why the other person left you and the best ways to keep them from running away ever again.
  2. Removing Their Resistance: Eliminate any reluctance they may have concerning you which is stopping them from getting in touch with you.
  3. Re-Attract Them: Start using re-attraction techniques that will actually remind them of why they fell in love with you and cause them chase you again.

This system is very unique and extremely successful because Ashley provides two methods for re-attraction: the Direct and the Indirect method. The first focuses on in-person (direct) strategies whereas the second focuses on long-distance and non-direct approaches. This makes the system extremely versatile and provides you with more solutions to use if your specific situation is less than “ideal”. You will find significant emphasis on improving and recognizing your own self-worth and social-value, which is vital for building a passionate and fulfilling relationship that continues to last after the program has ended. If you’re someone that is not just after temporary results, then you can’t make a mistake with this system. What is included within The Ex Recovery System:

  • Step-by-step system
  • Accompanying video training course
  • Bonus video tutorials and reports
  • Online program which provides continuous help through articles, videos and PDFs
  • Active support community to help you with any additional questions you may have
  • Fast help desk support
  • Return Policy: 60 days


The Simple Golf Swing

Thousands are reporting playing the best golf of their life because of this learning program. Quite a few had even previously given up on their game.

The Simple Golf SwingThis golf learning program is unlike any other. Add amazing distance to every drive and cut strokes off your handicap with the only instruction system proven to help almost any level of golfer dramatically improve.

This course includes a step-by-step guide with easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photos. It also includes a special video presentation – that you can watch online or download to your computer. In the presentation the instructor will walk you through every step of the Simple Golf Swing system. You will look at every step of the Simple Golf Swing method so that you will be able to see how it works and why so many people have had success with it.

Three Big Benefits The Simple Golf Swing System Delivers

Big Benefit #1: It will save you money. The average pro charges around $100 an hour for lessons. And don’t think  you’re going to get by with just one. So before you know it, you could be talking some serious money. This course is designed to keep your investment very reasonable.

In fact, the entire Simple Golf Swing System™ can be yours for  around half of what one average lesson costs.

Big Benefit #2: It will save you time. With the two traditional options for golf instruction, you have to invest a huge chunk of time. If you’re working with a pro, plan on devoting a countless hours trying to master what he’s telling you.

And if you try to figure it all out by yourself, you’re going to be spending a lot of time wondering if what you’re doing is right and exactly what you should be focusing on.

Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t have an unlimited amount of leisure time. And even if we did, I’m sure we could think of better things to do with it than fretting and worrying about how to improve our golf game (instead of having a blast playing).

That’s why our students love the minimal time commitment  required to learn and use this system. The average student can pick it all up and take it on the course in 3 hours.

Big Benefit #3: It will save your sanity. The game can be downright maddening at times. You go out and play your best  game of golf one day, only to play the next like you never picked up an iron before.

You might think you’ve finally got your swing worked out and you’re hitting pretty well. then on your next drive, the ball heads straight for the trees like a wood-seeking missile.

Then the frustration begins to kick in. Building up more and more, until you wonder why you ever took the game up in the  first place. Who needs that kind of aggravation? Isn’t golf supposed to be fun?

Once you learn this system, you will put yourself in a position to be playing the best golf of your life. Imagine what that will feel like.


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