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Picture Porthole to Colorado Adventures

I have displayed some of His creation’s glory here at the Picture Porthole to Colorado Adventures – 2011. Displayed here, you will find some of the pictures which I have been fortunate enough to find in the high Rocky Mountains. The neat thing is, that there were some real surprises along the way to recording these pictures. Continue reading

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The Most Popular Participant Sport Being Played in the World

The statement that “Tennis is the Most Popular Sport being played in the world today” may come as a shock to many people, but it is a statistically proven fact. Continue reading

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Leisure/Fun Activities (That are Stress Reducers)

Life has it’s many twists and turns just like the river that is shown to the right.  There is no question that we are going to have to change direction a few times in our lives.  The only question is, … Continue reading

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The Foundational Principles of Effective Article Marketing

I think that Everyone should at least try submitting one article to an online article submission site once, if you can. This is mainly because you will find out that it is easy and fun to do. Next, you will find out that you are just only expressing a thought that has crossed your mind. Who knows? Maybe the thought that you express is exactly what someone else needed to read or hear. You may have an impact positively on someone elses life.

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