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A Message from Alex

— We have been working very hard to build a new store that is easier to use and can accept the growing challenges of the future. We are now unveiling this new store to all of our info warriors and need your help to make sure it is the best store possible.

Help us by trying out our new store and giving us your honest and insightful feedback.

Please let us know what you like and what you do not like about the new Infowars Store. Use the support tab at the bottom right of the page to send us your comments.

Your gracious support and the functionality of this store-site is key to the continued funding of our growing Infowars operations. We have never been funded by globalist advertising dollars or by government tax dollars and stand by that decision. By choosing to purchase from us, you are directly supporting independent alternative news media and we owe all of our success and effectiveness to you.

Thank you so much for your help, and for your continued support!

–Alex Jones

To gain access to the new Infowars Store with all of their amazing new products, Just click HERE ——> The Infowars Store.

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Robert Bradshaw is a Teacher and he specializes in teaching sports activities to people of all ages. He is a Professional Golf Instructor as well as a former Professional Tennis Instructor and Major University Tennis Coach. He continues to research the Bible and has taught many Christian Biblical fellowships. Recently, he has been writing and teaching about important critical issues that must be addressed in our society today which can hinder our own individual success.
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