BEST 2016 YouTube Election and Post-Election Highlights

fly-in-the-ointmentI would like to highlight some of the BEST 2016 election and post-election highlights from YouTube that I have found. Let me just start off this article by saying that THIS election, in my opinion, will DEFINITELY determine the future of the United States for many many years to come. This election will be a point of DECISION between good and evil that this nation has NEVER seen before. Each and every person that votes, or even does not vote, WILL be held accountable for the choices that they make. We MUST vote WISELY this time around and we MUST become informed.

This video is a GREAT interview by Paul Joseph Watson of Bill Mitchell. This explains what Trump’s new Populist movement is all about and the fact that no matter WHAT the Democratic party tries to do to keep him out of office, nothing will succeed in stopping this new administration. The video is a great shining light of promise of what can expect in the future if Trump lives up to what he has promised.

This video PROVES that Donald Trump won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote and exposes the forces behind the riots that are being told that Hillary was the ‘popular vote winner’.

Now THIS is the BEST honest and most educated message to EVERYONE that DOUBTS what a Donald Trump administration has the potential to truly DO that I have listened to yet. You may just want to really WATCH and LISTEN to this whole video if you have been wrongly convinced into believing that President elect Donald Trump is something to be feared! This message is rightfully delivered by Alex Jones himself.

Paul Joseph Watson of asks the simple question, “Isn’t it amazing that Trump only became a racist when he ran against Democrats?” in this video. He goes on to logically point out from Trump’s history that he is one of the LEAST racist or sexist individuals around. This video does reveal the fact that this has ALWAYS been how the Liberal Left has tried to motivate their ignorant followers, and it continues to be what they fall back upon when they begin to lose their influence.

Now THIS lady, Judge Jeanine Pirro, definitely “Tells it like it IS”. She is one person that truly identifies the major movements against the Truth and the Constitution of our United States because she BELIEVES the oath that she, personally, took. This is a CLASSIC video for our times in which we now live.

Now THIS is probably the BEST confrontation of Hillary Clinton that I have seen after she was Secretary of State regarding the Benghazi assassination of Ambassador Stevens that she AND Obama were responsible for. Please America… it is now TIME to wake up to the TRUTH! This video is ALSO going viral… Oh, and guess what? Trump has chosen this man, Mike Pompeo, to be his next CIA Director… BOOM!

This video is important because it explains how Trump is doing ALL the things that he can do even BEFORE he is elected to ENSURE that America is NOT deceived by the previous administration.

We all know that a great majority of the protest-rioters clogging up the streets of many of our major cities are called “snowflakes”. If you want to know what a “snowflake” is, then you will enjoy watching this next viral video by Chad Prather. This video already, in 4 days, has over 100,000 views.

This is probably the BEST interview that I have seen that truly explains why Donald Trump won the election. It also explains the POTENTIAL of what can be accomplished from the moment Trump is inaugurated. Trump even had these two women Diamond and Silk up on stage during his rallies.

Even Fox News recognizes one of the main instigators of the post-election riots and violence – billionaire George Soros. When a major news studio calls it like it is, then there MUST be no doubt about what is going on to incite a second Revolution or Civil War (as some are calling it) in America.

This post-election video by Next News Network is going viral on YouTube because it highlights the fact that the Chinese President, Xi Jinping personally called and warned Trump of consequences if the United States were to impose a tariff on goods imported from China.

This just may be the BEST post-election Christian analysis of the results of the 2016 Presidential election that I have found. If you are a TRUE Christian, then you may just want to listen to this.

In this video, Stefan Molyneux interviews Bill Whittle, an American conservative blogger, political commentator, director, screenwriter, editor, pilot, and author. Together they analyze what happened to give Trump the victory, how the left reacted to the victory and what could happen now that he has won. This video will help you understand a LOT of what is happening.

I would subtitle this next video: Hillaryous Post Election Truths by Stefan Malyneux. The thing is, this guy is SOOOO good at expressing OBVIOUS facts about what is TRULY going on in a humorous way, that you just have to WAKE up.

This video explains the electoral college very clearly and reveals that the result of the 2016 presidential election could still change. I have written an article about this possibility also which you can find here.

The liberal leftist media CNN can’t handle the truth. This video shows an interview of a Muslim woman on CNN that voted for Trump. She just explains why she chose to vote for Trump and they end up cutting her interview off with no attempt to get back in touch with her. This video also went viral on YouTube. As of the moment that I posted this, it already had close to 800,000 views in the first day!

This next video tells it like it is as far as exposing the truth about the reasons why the post election riots and protests are popping up all around the country. This viral video (which, in one day already has close to 400,000 views) may offend some people, so watch at your own discretion.

The next video exposes the fact that billionaire and avid Clinton supporter, George Soros (Yes, the SAME George Soros that worked for the Nazi Party in Hungary and who collected valuables and property from Jews that were sent to death camps, and who said that his job with the Nazis was the best time of his life) is now funding and promoting the post election riots and protests across the nation.

This next video is somewhat humorous and yet also disturbing at the same time. It exposes how ridiculous the reactions of some of the Hillary followers are to the results of the election. Some of these people really need help mentally.

Now THIS is the BEST interview that I have listened to yet regarding the post election results and WHAT they truly MEAN. This is an interview of Stefan Molyneux by Michael of .

This next video (which needs to be listened to by everyone) is the victory speech of President elect Donald Trump. It is time to repair and build this once great nation back up again. In my opinion, this can be done if everyone supports our new President. If you have a problem with this, then there are plenty of other countries in this world that you can move to and you are welcome to leave.

The next video that I would like to present as a highlight of this election is Ted Nugent at Trump’s final rally before the election. Nugent lives in Michigan and is one of the BEST examples of what a true American should be like. Of course, according to Clinton, he would probably be the CHIEF example of what she labels as being a “deplorable”.

In this video, he plays his guitar and speaks about what the qualities of a TRUE American should be. His Star Spangled Banner song is AMAZING…

FULL – Ted Nugent Performance at Donald Trump Rally in Grand Rapids, MI. (11-8-16)

The next video that I would like to highlight is the “Rudy” Giuliani Speech at the Scranton, PA Trump Rally. In my opinion, THIS was the BEST speech that I have EVER heard Rudy Giuliani EVER give. Within a mere 26 minutes he is able to express MOST of the critical and meaningful issues involved in this election. After listening to this, I could not understand how ANYONE could NOT vote for Donald Trump in this election (unless they are just totally ignorant).

“Rudy” Giuliani Speech at the Scranton, PA Trump Rally

(this video will start at about the 2 hour mark and last 26 minutes)

The next video that I would like to highlight is a recent interview from Infowars. Rob Dew interviews Stefan Molyneux who has a very deep understanding of Philosopy and History which he has a Masters degree in. In this interview he basically crystallizes some of the biggest issues in this election in such a way that is hard to disagree with.

May God Bless You and Watch Over You and Your Loved Ones,

ROB – (admin)

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