The Sustainable Development Green Movement to Dictatorship

 The whole global warming myth, which is the foundation for the concept of sustainable development, is really just a huge lie promoted by elitists who want to steal our liberties, freedom and financial resources.

It is true that we must come together to avoid the destruction of our resources. Trying to accomplish this by motivating people through a fear of a global catastrophe is the wrong way to do it, though. Forcing people to do something is nothing more than dictatorship. Since this is a global issue, then this can only lead to global dictatorship.

The U.N. released a survey in 2011 called “The World Economic and Social Survey”. In this survey they stated that, “A comprehensive global energy transition is urgently needed in order to avert a major planetary catastrophe.” They also stated that the price tag for this transition would be $76 Trillion over the next 40 years!

They propose to redistribute this enormous amount of money to under-developed countries. The U.S. currently foots close to 25 percent of U.N. economic policy costs. This definitely looks as though the U.S. wealth is being targeted for distribution under the mandate of “protecting our environment”. The targeted “rich” who will suffer the most will be the middle and working class of the developed countries.

What is Sustainable Development?

Examples of Its Guiding Principles:

  • Anything that is man-made is not sustainable.
  • Animals, plants and earth have more important rights than humans.
  • Consumerism is not sustainable because more production processes that pollute the earth will have to be used.
  • Families are unsustainable because the earth will become over-populated.
  • Every person on earth must eventually be covered by health insurance.
  • More education is considered  a threat to sustainability because the more educated people consume more.

Sustainable Development is interchangeable with the words “Agenda 21”. Agenda 21 was established at the Earth Summit or the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development which was held in Rio de Janeiro in January of 1992. The U.N.’s agenda for the 21st century (Agenda 21) was laid out there. This conference produced a codified  high-level action plan in printed form. According to this action plan, any society that is not “sustainable” will have to be reduced to a form that is sustainable.

What is really wrong with this idea is that good environmental concepts became a political agenda. It promotes the redistribution of wealth from wealthy nations (who are deemed to be destroying the earth) to other impoverished nations in order to save the environment. It relates the poverty problem in parts of the world to an environmental problem. Individual rights take a back seat to the collective rights of the greater community of the world’s population.

Wikipedia defines sustainable development as: “a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come.” As early as the 1970s “sustainability” was employed to describe an economy “in equilibrium with basic ecological support systems.” The goal is to reduce population in rural areas and move it into large centers of population scattered around the country. They call this “smart growth”.

The Green Movement

The Green Movement should be differentiated from Sustainable Development in that Green progression prioritizes what its proponents regard to be environmental sustainability over economic and cultural concerns. Greens on the Left are often identified as Eco-socialists, who integrate ecology and environmentalism with socialism and Marxism. They blame the Capitalist system for environmental degradation, social injustice, inequality and conflict. Eco-capitalists, on the contrary, believe that the free market process, with a bit of improvement, is capable of responding to environmental concerns.

Both of these can become radical forms of development that are forced upon people, however. Both of these are based on a few facts about how mankind is inclined to abuse its ecosystem without much thought about its long-term effects. Its leaders, however, have defined our species as everything from a “cancer” to the “AIDs of the earth.” The fact is, that birth rates are going down in most developing countries, particularly those undergoing rapid economic development.

The UN is calling for a Green technological revolution. They are now updating and installing mandated and dangerous “Smart” meters on homes across the nation. They think that technology will solve all of the world’s dilemmas. Just how we approach a solution to this concern is more of a individual moral and health choice issue rather than a political issue, however.

Smart Meters enable data to be collected on individuals and delivered to elite globalist policy makers and power collectives to enable them to control and exploit populations on a local basis. Global “governance” is not consensus-driven and it is only good for extracting wealth and freedoms from populations by force and dictate.

Just as all major empires ultimately fail, global governance is a flawed concept which does not allow for local geology, climate, culture, history, aspirations and rights. Just take a few minutes to watch the video below. I am sure that you will agree that smart meters are just an excuse for government surveillance on a scale that has never been seen before.

The Green Movement proponents profess to be both diagnosticians and therapists. They believe that that they can both identify the disorder and cure it. The fact is that they can do neither. They claim that global warming is an overpopulation concern and it isn’t. They maintain that they can solve the problem by forcing laws and regulations down our throats which only harm, infuriate and divide humanity even more.

The Global Warming Myth

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Proven Wrong

We have been told by the U.N., Al Gore and all their friends that we have runaway global warming. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many climatologists are predicting that we are not entering a period of global warming. Average global temperatures have not trended upward for any extended period of time in the last 15 years according to every major global temperature database. These proponents of global warming now have egg on their faces for making such ridiculous claims.

Every major media corporation in the world (except, of course, in the U.S.) has by now reported about what they call “The Green Con”. Major media outlets are still constantly pointing at random isolated weather problems in the world as proof of global warming. The fact is, that there always has been and always will be extreme weather in many different parts of the world.

In the 1970s reports dominated the news about a man-made global cooling that was going on which would result in a new ice age. So how did this trend completely reverse course in about a decade? The same reasons back then for the global cooling are now being reported as being the reasons of global warming! How soon we forget, huh?


The U.N. just loves to establish a “consensus” of opinion regarding various issues. They disguise this as a “survey”. In fact, they have recently conducted another survey regarding control of the Internet. As a result, by 2015 the control over the Internet will be handed over to some world governing authority. Hmmm, I wonder who that will be?

The surveys are always worded in a way that will always favor radical change. This consensus then determines regulatory policy that is enforced in conforming countries. This very same process is then even used on a local level to force binding laws and regulations upon everyone.

Zoning ordinances, land rights, arrests and imprisonment are popping up all over our nation. This whole scam, which too many people in this nation are falling for, is robbing our nation of its wealth and also taking away our rights and liberties. It is turning our nation’s sovereignty and freedom over to an international governing body.

Acts of Congress can’t legislate laws that will influence how our weather will effect global warming, the number of trees in the Amazon forest, the amount of ice available for polar bears or anything else that may seem like it is climate related. Politicians are now even expressing the need to pass carbon tax bills in our nation in order to improve our weather and stop global warming.

Environmental-planning policies are making the purchase of a decent suburban or rural home even more difficult. Urban multi-family units are now being promoted over individual homes with acreage. Federal grants and reduced taxes are offered to those who accept their ideas in exchange for the loss of their individual rights and freedoms.

We can pull together to create our own plans to improve the environment without the control of international groups. We must reject the seductive lure of easy federal grants and lower taxes in exchange for our rights and freedoms.

Without property rights, we don’t have liberty or freedom. Our Fifth Amendment to the Constitution states that the government does not have the right to take away property without due process of law.

UPDATE: (12/11/13) Santa threatens to cancel Christmas with a Creepy Global Warming Video Aimed at Kids – which is sponsored by Greenpeace. (click the link above to read the article about this video. The actual video is shown below.)

UPDATE: (1/29/14) Agenda 21 Is Increasing the Scope of Its Enslavement of America – In this article, Dave Hodges, shows proof of  individual persecution, harassment of farmers, the theft of an entire town and the subjugation and destruction of an entire region of the country by Agenda 21 forces.

UPDATE: (1/22/15) The EPA Wants to Kill Your Grandma (a very well done 20 minute video)- The EPA is testing dangerous cancer causing substances on the elderly and children. In addition, they are writing draconian policies to curb natural human ‘living off the grid’ activity in an effort to push people off their land and into compact cities.

I wish you the best of “believing” in all of your future endeavors,

ROB – (admin)

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