Chemtrails and HAARP are Being Used to Modify Weather

Why is the geoengineering of weather by means of chemtrails from airplanes and HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) being purposely used to modify weather patterns and crop growth in order to control society? There is an increasing amount of evidence building up that shows exactly how and why this is being done.

Below, is a 45 minute video. If you can’t watch this NOW- that’s OK for the moment, but ONLY if you don’t have enough time. I would suggest, though, that if you can only watch 5 or 10 minutes of it NOW, then do just that. Then a little later come back and watch another 5 or 10 minutes of it until you FINISH watching the ENTIRE video.

Believe me when I say that this information is URGENT enough and IMPORTANT ENOUGH that you MUST pay close attention to ALL of it.

After watching this, I recommend that you send it on to AT LEAST 2 other people that you know. Then, I would suggest that you FORWARD this video with a message to members of your State and even National Congress so that they know that you are NOW AWARE of what is going on right in front of them.

DEMAND an answer back from them regarding either:  a) their ignorance, or  b) their compliance with what is going on. Some ONE or some THING is doing this on purpose and it is KILLING OUR PLANET as well as every living thing on it! They like to blame climate change on our energy use… Well, if that is what they believe, then they are CRAZY LIARS!!

By watching and then sending this message on, you will be making a POSITIVE difference in EVERYONE’S life including your own.

Most people are totally unaware of what is really happening. Those people deserve to know about this because it is affecting their health and well-being. There are so many disastrous consequences of what is going on within the ecological environment all around us. Yet, most people just shrug these effects off as being the normal course of nature. Hopefully, this article will help to shed some needed light upon this issue so that we all can avoid it’s serious consequences.

Proof This is Being Done

Changing the weather through artificial means has been done by man as far back as the early 1970s even in places like Russia. As far back as 1958, the chief White House advisor on weather modification back then, Captain Howard T. Orville, said the U.S. defense department was studying “ways to manipulate the charges of the earth and sky and so as to affect the weather”. They tried using an electronic beam to ionize or de-ionize the atmosphere over a given area. Major scientific organizations are now admitting that there have been disastrous effects produced by these programs.

Elements being found in rain and soil tests are showing increased levels of the elements used in atmospheric chemtrail spraying. As a result, studies are showing that the nutrients that plants, animals and humans rely upon are being contaminated and reduced.

Berkey Water
Here are some pictures of planes that are obviously releasing chemtrails rather than normal contrails:

Chemtrail 2Chemtrail 1


Chemtrails being turned off and on again



Chemtrail 5

Multiple sources of the chemtrail across full wingspans

Chemtrail 3


Nozzle on wing where chemtrail is released from



Chemtrail 4


Chemtrail not coming out of the engines



Chemtrail 6



Chemtrail and contrail in the same sky





Guy N. Bacon, Jr. – An active pilot for over 35 years (7,000 hours+) flying civilian, military, and commercial jet airplanes and helicopters said after seeing a few of these pictures of aircraft in flight, “I can unequivocally state that the aircraft emissions in these pictures are in NO WAY just engine exhaust contrails”.

How This is Done

Aluminum, barium, copper sulphate, potassium iodide and strontium are emitted in these chemtrails. Investigations of US patents reveal that these are definitely the chemicals being sprayed to make cloud cover. Microscopic particles of those elements attract moisture in the air which condenses onto these particles. All these moisture laden particles are then heated up with radiation from the sun and even HAARP.

These resonating particles then carry this moisture to a higher altitude where they cool down, get covered by ice and ultimately expand into a low pressure system. HAARP could also be used to lessen a storm’s effects by firing low-frequency waves into an active storm. This reverses the ionizing polarization which causes the bad weather to dissipate in some places.


These new particulate driven storms are even more violent and rapidly developing than normal storms. We have been seeing an increase in more severe storms and weather conditions since this was started. A portion of a jetstream can be modified in order to alter its shape. This is then what moves weather systems into areas where they wouldn’t normally occur. Outside temperatures when it snows are now even being recorded in the 40 degree range!

Why This is Done

Clouds reflect more sunlight away from the earth. So, by creating more clouds they think that they will be able to reduce the temperatures on the earth and “save the human race”. In reality, the increased cloud layer also traps the warmer air closer to earth. So there is really no noticeable net effect upon global temperatures. Global average temperatures, in fact, have not risen significantly over an extended period of time for over 14 years.

This system can be used to decrease or increase food production in certain areas where better weather is needed. Severe changes in weather can even obliterate crops through such effects as floods, hail, droughts, tornados or snow. Stable micro-climates in local areas usually produce a consistent production of crops.

It has been used in military scenarios to make it more difficult for enemies to maneuver in the ways that an attacking force would be able to. When severe weather is produced and maneuvered toward certain areas, it can even be used as a weapon. There are now weather modification treaties in place which prohibit any kind of weather modification on an enemies country during a time of war. These treaties, however, do not prohibit the use of such technology within a nation’s own territory.

Investors can even purchase weather derivatives now. These are really just a bet that the weather will change for the better in a certain area during a certain period of time which increases crop production. When weather is able to be controlled, then crop production and futures markets for certain crops in specific areas can also be controlled. This allows investors, who have an inside knowledge of what is planned, to invest in crop futures in advance.

Close to 80% of the U.S. economy is weather sensitive. As a result, even our nation’s economy can be controlled through weather modification. When commodity prices rise due to an insufficient crop yield, consumer prices then also rise on all products containing that crop.

Our supermarkets are now being flooded by unhealthy and dangerous GMO foods that are resistant to severe weather changes and pestilences. Those who own these corporations are becoming wealthier while everyone is becoming sicker as a result.

The Effects of This

  • There are increasing levels of the elements that are used in atmospheric spraying being found in our soil and water.
  • Geoengineering particulates are known to increase fungal production which is also affecting the health of all living organisms.
  • Farmers in areas that had always had great yearly harvests are experiencing decreased levels of crop production.
  • Ever since the 1970s, there has been an increasing level of ozone layer depletion in the stratosphere in the polar regions of the earth.
  • The ongoing global geoengineering programs are worsening the effects of climate change and tearing the planets life support systems apart.
  • The highly toxic heavy-metal nanoparticles used in the ongoing geoengineering programs have been inhaled and absorbed by all life on our planet for many years.
  • Twenty percent of the sun’s rays are no longer reaching the planet’s surface because of this global dimming. Skies aren’t as blue as they used to be on good days.
  • There are increasing levels of starvation, malnutrition and water shortages. Shortened growing seasons, changes in soil Ph levels and death are all additional effects of this.


All of the damaging effects of weather modification are being noticed very slowly but are increasing rapidly. Our major news media stations are certainly not giving this the attention that it deserves. As a result, a mindset of normalcy is infecting this nation. People are beginning to think that these increasingly disastrous consequences are just a normal change in the “cycle of life” on this planet.

As the saying goes – “you can’t fool Mother Nature”. When man tries to take on the role of God by changing what He put in place, there will eventually be dire consequences. There are massive ethical questions regarding who receives the beneficial weather manipulation and who doesn’t. When weather is modified in one area, a neighboring area will also be affected in the opposite way.

We have all allowed ourselves to be gradually conditioned into accepting what is happening. The globalist elite are fully aware of the fact that they need to gradually change these systems. They do this so that they can profit from, and eventually control, all of humanity. It is time for us to take a stand against these kinds of people who are harming and killing everything on earth (with the most likely exception of themselves).

New Videos Showing The Proof and Consequences of GeoEngineering

March 23, 2014 – Now we have 100% undeniable evidence that chemtrails exist. The video below is of Rosalind Peterson, the president of Agriculture Defence Coalition. In it she addresses the United Nations on chemtrails, geoengineering, and weather modification (HAARP).

If you were a skeptic before, I can assure you, that you will not be after hearing what she has to say to the people in power….

UPDATE: (6/2/2014) – 4 Engines, 6 Chemtrails, then 2 Chemtrails – What The ???? (watch this video below if you STILL are a “chemdoubter”)

UPDATE: (7/19/2014) – Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails [Excerpts from this original hour long video – Geoengineering Investigation Demanded By Numerous Experts]

UPDATE: (10/27/2014) – If You Think These Are Just “Contrails” Think Again – Here’s What They Really Are

UPDATE: (10/5/2016) NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering 

This does NOT happen naturally… see other indisputable evidence at the above link or just click on this picture.


I wish you the best of “believing” in all of your future endeavors,

ROB – (admin)

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  1. Lorraine Power says:

    I live in Ottawa Canada, I HAVE BEEN SEEING this going on for the past 2 nights around midnight. It was the clearest evening in months all of a sudden this jet going back and forth for a least an hour turning the sky into a checkerboard then all of a sudden the sky was full of clouds from nowhere? Then a strong wind popped up well wok up around 9am this morning and there’s the checkerboard again. JUST WANT TO ADD the fact that we just got over a major flood to this city is someone playing with our airspace???

    • Thank-you Lorraine for responding to the facts in my article on my website. I was born in Canada. This phenomenon is going worldwide now with MANY countries around the world noticing it. It is called geoengineering and it is a conspiracy that has been going on for many years now. Some countries are just now noticing it. It is a science for wartime that was developed by the US and other major countries to control the weather in order to defeat the enemy. According to the Geneva convention, no country is allowed to do this against any other country – only to itself!!! Welcome to the nightmare…

  2. Reva S. says:

    Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up and
    the rest of the site is really good.

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    You made some decent points there. I looked on the web for more info about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this website.

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