The Mainstream Media Is Many Times Less Than Factual

Mainstream Media is in many incidences purposely deceiving us and withholding factual information in order to manipulate people’s thoughts and opinions. This is, in fact, mainly because those few who are in power and control financially support it and influence the thoughts and opinions of the general population. Regretfully, the majority of the general public views mainstream news as being “real” and thus trustworthy. Nevertheless, for some reason, they know that motion pictures are totally made-up. In fact, President Richard M Nixon once declared, “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television”.

The mainstream media is not giving everyone the most important factual information,
however. In fact, many times the media will often even twist the facts to suit themselves. Popular media exclusively focuses primarily on one particular storyline with regard to an event or an issue, which has the effect of marginalizing various other points of view. These other points of view may even be as equally valid or maybe even more so. Journalists and editors who supervise the creation of the news items perform the identical function that screenwriters in a film-making process perform.

Recurring mantras are utilized to focus information and opinion upon their own agenda of critical issues. “Al-Qaeda” is a mantra used which is not really a worldwide terror organization that is at war with America. The “Arab Spring” is yet another mantra that Washington has used to perform its foreign policy objectives in the Middle East. The current mantra that the mainstream media is using in a domestic context is the “fiscal cliff.”

The American broadcast and print media has painted an especially rosy picture of the
anti-Assad “rebels” that are really just foreign-funded Jihadi terrorists. The malicious newscasters constantly make up figures as well as names and repeat these until they become accepted as genuine names and facts.

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Information and facts that contradict the news of those who are in control is suppressed. Those who have an alternative viewpoint on events that changed The United States like 9/11 as well as the 2008 banker bailout are ridiculed as being nuts. Alternate sources of news are accused of clearly being paranoid, conspiracy theorizing and even assisting Al-Qaeda as well as drumming up fear for ratings. Muting truth may work for a while, but in the end the truth of the matter is going to be uncovered for everybody to see.

Even mainline journalists are beginning to disclose truths such as how America and its dictatorial allies are backing Jihadi terrorism against Syria. In fact, mainline journalists are beginning to disclose further evidence regarding other suppressed details about the Benghazi incident now. The movie “Zero Dark Thirty” was produced to further establish an “official record” of events that supposedly transpired in Afghanistan although the official story constantly changes in that piece of history also. The major media’s responsibility is to reiterate government narratives as well as government mantras.

Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream Media

Mainstream media will not discuss just how the Federal Reserve, the Wall Street bailouts, as well as the military-industrial complex’s continuing wars have generated the escalation of U.S. debt. The looting and pillaging of the American people today by transnational banking institutions is now being legitimized. Because of this, the living standards of middle class taxpayers and workers have been diminished significantly.

We now have seen that 9/11 was a riveting Hollywood production from daybreak to nightfall. The example of the 9/11 ritual demonstrates that we think mythically, not rationally. The United States now seems to be politically justified to undertake aggression and war crimes against several innocent countries in the Middle East.

The brain-destroying influence of mass mind control is just as destructive as what nuclear bombs actually did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the conclusion of World War II. The United States is being damaged economically, politically, morally, intellectually and even spiritually due to the illegitimate wide-ranging effects of the war on terrorism.


I wish you the best of “believing” in all of your future endeavors,

ROB – (admin)

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