Deadly GMO Foods are Flooding Our Supermarkets

GMO foodsWhy on earth are our supermarkets currently being bombarded with deadly genetically modified foods (GMOs) while a whole host of research has shown that they are potentially harmful to human health? “Frankenfoods” are more and more popping up on supermarket shelves at an alarming rate. These foods are modified to cope with heavy applications of harmful chemical substances, fight off disease or perhaps contain additional nutrients.

Nowadays, genetically modified (GM) corn and soy can be found in a good number of processed foods. Numerous other GMOs are on your way and they almost certainly won’t be labeled. California recently lost a vote (very suspiciously at the last moment) to force companies to label GMO foods in their state. The Center for Food Safety estimates that over 70 percent of the processed foods in American grocery stores contain genetically modified corn or soy.

 List of GMO Food Sources

> The majority of the genetically modified corn products pushed on United States consumers today is concealed in commercially-processed foods by using high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), corn oil, corn starch, as well as some other corn-based additives. A landmark clinical study has demonstrated that GM corn consumption may lead to the development of cancerous tumors and perhaps diabetes.

> The most commonplace genetically engineered food of all is the soybean. Since 1996, scientists have actually been developing varieties of soybeans which are resistant against both pests as well as herbicides, so they wind up in products you’d least expect to see them in, such as candy bars.

> Peas that have been genetically modified have been found to cause immune responses in mice and possibly even in humans. A gene from kidney beans was inserted into the peas creating a protein that functions as a pesticide.

> Rice plants are often modified to be resistant to herbicides and pests in order to increase grain size and generate nutrients that don’t exist in the grain naturally.

> We don’t ordinarily think about cotton as a food item but nonetheless we still end up eating it. Cottonseed oil, which is used in products such as mayonnaise as well as salad dressing, are typically filled with pesticides. It happens to be one of the most frequently genetically modified crops on earth.

> Despite the fact that there are not any genetically modified tomatoes on store shelves currently, they’re however being utilized frequently by scientists to analyze the function of genes that are naturally present in the plants.

> Canola, a cultivated variety from rapeseed, makes one of the most routinely consumed food oils (Canola Oil) and is considered to be one of America’s largest cash crops. A 2010 study in North Dakota found that the modified genes of these plants have spread to eighty percent of the wild natural rapeseed plants.

> The USDA has announced that farmers can now plant Monsanto’s Roundup Ready sugar beets. This is despite the fact that a 2010 court order banned planting the GMO beets until a study was accomplished. Sugar beets provide about fifty percent of America’s sugar.

 Providing the other half of America’s valuable sugar, sugar cane is set to debut on our shelves in genetically modified form sometime in the near future.

> Salmon might become the first genetically modified living thing to be approved for direct human being ingestion. The FDA has come to the conclusion that that various GM salmon that grow up twice as fast as their natural, unmodified peers are both free from danger to ingest and not dangerous for the the natural environment. Who knows just how any of these genetically modified organisms will affect the natural environment if they possibly find their way into the ocean?

> After the Ringspot Virus nearly decimated almost all of Hawaii’s papaya crops, completely new variety was constructed to defend against the problem, and it currently represents the majority of the papayas harvested in the USA. Papaya has not been sufficiently studied for its human health effects although there is some proof of a damaging connection to allergy symptoms in humans.

> The earliest genetically modified food to be allowed for cultivation in Europe in over a decade, Amflora potatoes are being produced in Sweden. Merely one in four potatoes grown in Europe in actuality happens to be eaten by people. Almost half end up being fed to livestock. The remaining one quarter are used as raw material in the production of alcohol and starch.

Beehive> Modified genes in vegetation are causing alterations within bees. They’re at the same time more likely to result in transformations to the honey that the bees generate. Genetically modified crops could have a relationship to the rising illnesses which have been killing honeybee colonies by the billions. Some scientists think so. A zoologist in Germany found that genes used to manipulate rapeseed crops had passed on to bacteria living inside bees. GMOs are presently regarded as being among the probable factors behind Colony Collapse Disorder.

> After banana yields in Uganda were stricken by a bacterial disease that prompted the plants to rot, scientists devised a genetically modified variety which could help greatly reduce the $500 million total annual disaster. The ban on GM crops was waived to make way for the GM type of Uganda’s staple food.


There are a lot of discoveries being revealed concerning the unwanted side effects of genetically modified food on the human body. In contradiction to manufacturer’s claims, research has shown transgenes aren’t destroyed digestively in humans or even animals. Dangerous DNA may well wander and easily be transmitted by blood vessels to internal organs possibly leading to chronic health disorders. Livestock farmers that use GMO grains to give to their livestock are reporting die-offs and increased stillbirths that threaten their livestock.

Most of these crops have actually been shown to elevate environmental as well as other harmful toxins that may expand throughout the food chain. Potential problems for adults are heightened for youngsters. An added dilemma is the fact that expecting mothers eating GM food products could possibly harm their offspring by doing harm to usual fetal development and affecting gene expression that’s then passed to future generations.


GM foods entered the market long before science could evaluate their safety and benefits. News from former research scientists that found negative side effects associated with GMO was leaked to the news media in Europe. Europe reached the tipping point in April 1999 and within a single week, virtually all major manufacturers publicly committed to stop using GM ingredients in their European brands.

Once GMOs enter the food chain, the “genie is out of the bottle” for keeps. There is a long-lasting and widespread effect on many different organisms associated with these foods.

Update (3/28/2013): Obama signs Bill which some people are calling the “Monsanto Protection Act“. This Bill gives Monsanto the power to nullify the decisions of federal courts. If the courts decide that a genetically engineered crop is dangerous to the public or the environment, it can no longer order Monsanto (or any other company) to stop planting the crops.

Update: (5/30/2013) The genetic apocalypse we’ve been warning about for years may have already  begun. The USDA just announced they found a significant amount of genetically  engineered wheat growing in farm fields in Oregon.

Update: (5/11/2015) The Interconnections Between the TPP, Jade Helm, ISIS and the Elimination of Christianity In this article, you will find out where the coming TPP trade agreement will take America in relation to Monsanto and other bio-tech food corporations. We will have NO control over what we eat and food will be used as a weapon of an out of control corporate controlled world government.


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