The Top 2 Keys to Distance in Your Golf Swing

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If you want to hit it long and straight like the Pros, then you must be applying The Top 2 Keys to Distance in Your Golf Swing. When you learn and apply these two Keys to your swing, you will be amazed at how easy it is to do.

I have been teaching the game for over 20 years now and am currently a member of the United States Golf Teachers Federation. Over time, I have found the answers to many of my questions (including how to hit the golf ball farther) from this organization as well as from other teaching Golf Pros.

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Take a few minutes to check out one of the most popular YouTube videos on this very subject by clicking on the video picture below. The Key to Power and Distance you will see from this video is related to using your shoulders on the back swing and then driving your hips through contact (while maintaining your balance). After you watch this little video, then I will see you on the other side (below the picture of the video)…OK?

The first Key to hitting the ball farther is that you must learn How to Relax. Since I have already written concerning this topic earlier on this web page, I will now just refer you to my other article (by clicking on this title, you will have another window open up – after reading it, just come back to this window in order to find the second Big Key)… You Must Learn to Relax in Order to Play Your Best Golf.

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Now, if you watched the above video, you will have learned and seen that the second and final key to distance is that you must pick up your tempo. In order to do this, I would suggest that you just count out loud to your self as you swing. The moment that you start your back swing, just say “One” to yourself. Then, the moment that your club impacts the ball, just say “Two” to yourself.

Try swinging at half speed first. Your tempo should be something like this: “One”…………………………………………..”Two”. OK, now try to swing at 3/4 speed the next time. Your tempo should be something like this: “One”…………….”Two”.

If you do this little drill correctly, then you should notice that your ball distance will increase on your “3/4 speed” swing by half again as much as your “half speed” swing.

Finally, try to pick up your tempo again so that you swing at about full speed. (Now, don’t whiff the ball by trying to swing too hard or too fast 😀 – Just swing as fast as you are capable of swinging.) Note that, while you are playing a round of 18 holes of golf, you should try to maintain about an 80% swing tempo in order to be able to be consistent throughout your round.

As you practice this drill, you will be able to find that you can control the distance that you hit the ball for every club in your golf bag by just controlling the tempo of your swing. Remember that you must also relax in order to achieve your best results.

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The back swing should be initiated with the Turning of the Shoulders. The down swing, on the other hand, should be initiated with the Turning of the Hips through impact with the ball. So, when you say “One”, you should be beginning your shoulder turn to take the club head back away from the ball. When you say “Two”, you should be contacting the ball after you have begun your hip turn to initiate the down swing. (Tip: You could even say “One” when you start your shoulder turn on the back swing and “Two” when you start your hip turn for the down swing if you wish.)

Also, try to keep the speed of you shoulder turn for the back swing the same speed as the speed of your hip turn. In other words, you should not have a fast back swing and a slow down swing – or vice versa.

You don’t have to be Big or Strong to hit the ball farther!! Did you notice from the video how much Jamie weighs? I have seen professional women golfers hit the ball close to 300 yards. So, the key is Tempo and Relaxation – Nothing Else!

Be Relaxed and Pick Up Your Tempo,

ROB – (admin)

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