Picture Porthole to Colorado Adventures

Hello to everyone who loves God and His beautiful creation. I have displayed some of His creation’s glory here at the Picture Porthole to Colorado Adventures. Displayed here, you will find some of the pictures which I have been fortunate enough to find in the high Rocky Mountains.

The neat thing is, that there were some real surprises along the way to recording these pictures. One of my goals when I moved to Colorado about 3 years ago was to get a picture of a ram or what is called a mountain sheep. Well, you are going to have the opportunity in this article to see my discovery. WOW… is all that I can say now that I have had an opportunity to see them up close and even more majestic creatures that are hidden up in the Rockies.

Guanella Pass Mountain Sheep

Guanella Pass Mountain Sheep


This is a Rare Event - Snow on Glowing Aspen Trees

This is a Rare Event – Snow on Glowing Aspen Trees


Picture Slideshows on This Website


Fall Leaves Pictures from Colorado 2009-2010



Fall Leaves Pictures from Colorado 2011-2012


Well, now that you have seen some of my pictures, what do you think? It’s AMAZING what God has in store for us out there, huh? Believe me when I say that there is much, much more to come. Stay Tuned…………

Oh, and if you would like to leave your own personal reaction to what you have seen here, then please feel free to leave a comment below, OK?

See ya’ here, there or “in the air”
Remember that God loves you very much!

ROB – (admin)

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