The Most Popular Participant Sport Being Played in the World

The statement that “Tennis is the Most Popular Participant Sport being played in the world today” may come as a shock to many people, but it is a statistically proven fact. For just a minute, think about how many tennis courts you have seen around your neighborhood- (maybe 10, or 20… or more?).

Tennis is a sport that can be played for nearly the entire lifetime of the participant. This is because of its various formats of singles and doubles as well as its various levels of competition for all ages. Soccer (Futbol), Football, Basketball and many other popular sports do not lend themselves to a lifetime of play.

Tennis is not a national game of any high profile country but it has fans all around the world and its popularity is increasing in more and more countries every year. Some of the more recent major championship winners worldwide are coming from countries that have not been the home of champions in the past.

Other reasons why tennis is the most popular participant sport in the world are:

  1. It is not expensive to play tennis over a lifetime compared to other sports.
  2. Unlike Baseball, Soccer (Futbol), Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Rugby and other popular team sports it only requires a minimum of two people to play the game at any time (practicing the game only requires one dedicated participant, though).
  3. Tennis can be played anywhere in the world because of the number of tennis courts available worldwide.
  4. It is a sport that is equally popular among both men and women.
  5. Although there is no fixed time limit in a game, a game of tennis (2 out of 3 sets) is usually played in less than two hours with the use of tie-breakers. This is not the case with most of the other most popular sports in the world. For this reason alone, tennis is becoming more and more popular with the busy schedules of today’s society.

Now, consider just how many tennis balls are made in the world and how often they are put into play. Wouldn’t there be a way to determine which sport was the most popular sport in the world by how often its implement (ball, shuttlecock etc.) was put into play?

There was a study done by Penn – (a major manufacturer of tennis balls and the largest manufacturer of tennis balls made in the Good Old U.S.A.). The study was done with regard to finding out, through statistical analyses, which sport was the #1 sport that used a ball (or anything like a ball) in the world.

They had to take into account the number of units of a single type of sporting implement that is played (i.e. tennis balls, golf balls, shuttlecocks etc.), taking into consideration other factors including: how long the ball was used and how many competitive or even non-competitive uses of this unit implement were accomplished in the average life span of the implement.

With all of their statistical analyses accomplished and then re-checked, Penn announced that the #1 Participant Sport in the World currently is (and has been for some time) Tennis.

Here are some other opinions about what the #1 sport in the world is for you to check out if you wish. (just remember to come back here and read the rest of this article so that you can understand why Tennis is the Most Popular Participant Sport Being Played in the World):

(Opinion #1) This group based their opinion upon finding out what “the most popular Team Sport or Individual Sport (a compilation)” based on viewership is. The list contains sports played by two or more than two, which means this list does not include individual athletics. This study concluded that tennis was at number 3 behind Soccer (Futbol) and Cricket. Here is the link to that website Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World .

(Opinion #2) This website is dedicated to keeping a running consensus and statistical analysis of which sport is the most popular sport in the world. They concluded that tennis was the fourth most popular sport in the world. They qualified this statement by saying that tennis was the most popular “individual” sport in the world, though. By “individual” they meant as opposed to being a team sport.

(Opinion #3) This group based their opinion upon the number of fans that “follow the sport (and not necessarily play it)”. If you would like to see what their ranking of the Most Popular Sports in the world today is, then go here to see this group’s study (Wiki Answers)… What is the most popular sport in the world? .

(Opinion #4) If you would like to see a cool video that places Tennis at a lower ranking and Soccer (Futbol) at #1, then watch this…

The Most Watched or Played Sport in the World

(This group based their opinion upon the total number of fans that watch or play the sport.)…

My main point is this… Through statistical analysis, Penn found that Tennis is the #1 Most Popular Participant Sport in the World ( NOT any other sport! ). Many other studies have at least concluded that tennis is the most popular “individual” sport in the world.

Thanks for your interest in the “trivial pursuit” of this claim as to which sport is the Most Popular Participant Sport in the World.

ROB – (admin)

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