The Best Video About The Secret to Success in Life

Well, I think I have found the best video about The Secret to Success in Life. Of course this is only my opinion, but you might just take a few minutes to check it out.

You’ve probably heard or seen a multitude of opinions regarding “How to Become Successful in Life”. I know that I have. Well, guess what? I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion…don’t you? If we take a moment in our lives to consider someone elses opinion about what they might think the secret to success in life is, then (who knows?), we might just learn something that could benefit us in our lives.

This video has got to be the most excellent summation of what it takes to become successful that I have ever watched. It is also quite humorous, in my opinion. It is only about 3 minutes in length. It could even change your opinion of what you think it means to become successful and how we can achieve success in our lives. This video about The Secret to Success is one that you should just take a moment to watch and listen to.

In order to take a look at it, just click on the link above or watch it right here!…

Now, how did you like it? I thought that the last minute or so of this video boiled it down into the critical components of success that we should all take a few minutes to consider. The components that I am talking about are listed right here:

  • 1. Passion – We must be dedicated to the things we want to do or accomplish in life with a fervent desire to achieve our goal (whatever that may be).
  • 2. Work – You’ve probably heard the saying that “There is no substitute for hard work”. Well, this is SO TRUE! If we want to accomplish anything in life or achieve any goal we may have for ourselves, then we had better just accept the fact that nobody is going to be able to just give us what we want or need. That’s right, we are going to have to work to get whatever it may be.
  • 3. Focus – Does this look familiar? Read my other article on this website that is in the Golf category that deals with the subject of “Watch the Ball” if you wish to gain some added insight into this subject.
  • 4. Persist – Persistence is the oil in the machinery of life. Without it, you will never accomplish anything. For example, when we learned to ride a bike we probably had to take a few falls while learning…Right? Well, if we didn’t quit after the first few falls, then we probably are still riding a bike to this day.
  • 5. Ideas – Ideas are the vision that is given to us by God or by someone else that gets us started toward our goals. Since I teach, I have many ideas that I try to communicate to my students. They are only ideas until they are tested or tried out by my students.
  • 6. Good – Do good things and you will have a reward for doing so. In addition, you will possibly even be recognized by others for your accomplishments. The recognition is not necessary or even needed in order to become more successful. This is because you will have an internal awareness of your own success which, in itself, is a great reward.
  • 7. Push – Sometimes we all need a little push from behind by someone else to help us succeed in life. As the video kind of mentions; “I guess that’s why we have mothers”. 😀
  • 8. Serve – Last, but not least is our ability to serve or help others succeed at whatever they may wish to accomplish in life. In Old Testament times, as recorded in the Bible, one of the most honored occupations back then was that of a servant. You see, when you are unselfishly serving others, you will find great reward (which may or may not include the Big M – Money). When money becomes our main goal in life, then (at that moment that we make it our main goal) we are doomed to become disappointed if we don’t have “enough” of it. I have been there and done that, believe me. There are much greater rewards in life than money, but money does help when we have some of it – doesn’t it? Money is not a bad thing, only the love of money is a bad thing in life.For other thought provoking ideas and principles of life, just stay tuned to this web site. There is a lot here (already) to learn about and even try out. But, there is much more to come. I can promise you that!…Please be sure to take a moment to “Leave a Reply” below. You could even share about something from this article or video that really made an impression on you, if you wish. I wish to “Thank-you” for visiting this site and sharing your time with me and others.

See you here or “in the air”,

ROB – (admin)

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