Golf Tips and History Explained – Part 1

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Golfers like to know the game’s history and most of all like to find golf tips that might help them improve their game. Golf is a game that is very frustrating and very humbling, yet can be very interesting to learn. Well, if you browse through the articles in the golf category of this web site, I am positive that you will find golf tips that can help you improve your game rapidly.

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In this article, I would like to briefly give you some very interesting historical facts. I would also like to give you some valuable golf tips that will help you to “sharpen” your game.

Historical Facts (Category- Ryder Cup)

  1. At the Ryder Cup at Royal Birkdale in 1969 in a match between reigning British Open Champion (Tony Jacklin) and Jack Nicklaus when they were finishing up their last putts on the 18thhole, something strange happened that had never happened before in the Ryder Cup’s history.  They both faced short putts. Having already made his four foot putt, Nicklaus reached over and picked up Jacklin’s ball marker, thus conceding the putt and a “draw” in the tournament.
  2. Also regarding the Ryder Cup is the following fact: From the inception of the Ryder Cup in 1927 until 1983, the U.S. won 22 out of 25 competitions.  Then, in 1985, Tony Jacklin (again) led a team consisting of all Europeans to the first of three straight victories.
  3. Also regarding the Ryder Cup are the following facts regarding the origin of the Ryder Cup.  The biennial international competition between teams from the United States and Europe began as an effort to increase interest in golf and to improve the circulation figures of the magazine called Golf Illustrated.  In 1920, the magazine’s circulation manager, James Harnett, proposed a series of informal matches between prominent golfers from both sides of the Atlantic.  Two such matches, which were both won decisively by teams from Great Britain, led to the creation of the Ryder Cup competition, which was then first held in 1927.  The first competition of the Ryder Cup was held in Worcester, Massachusetts and was then won by the United States team.

Quick Golf Tips

  1. When practicing chip shots before a round of golf, pick out a separate target location for each and every attempt that you take.  This will help you to visualize the flight and roll of each chip shot that you make out on the course. With a little practice, you will have great accuracy on all your chip shots on the course while you are playing.
  2. Do you have a preshot routine that you follow for every one of your golf shots on the course while you are playing? You should have one!  Some of the things you could briefly think about before you swing at the ball include: a) visualizing the flight and/or roll of the ball after it leaves your club face   b) aligning your feet, shoulders and club face to the real target (which might not be the hole or flag)  c) performing some tension-reducing or relaxation technique such as waggling the clubhead or taking deep breaths
  3. This next tip is very simple but is too many times just ignored by even very good players.  If you are hitting into a headwind, do NOT try to hit the ball too hard (period.)  When you attempt to swing harder, everything changes at once in your swing and a bad shot will result.  If you think you would benefit by trying to hit the ball farther, then just use a longer club (period). OK?

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Well, there WILL be more of these tips to come. I will leave a link here for these tips in the future.  Just remember, Golf is a game that is meant to be enjoyed.  In fact, GOLF spelled backwords is F-L-O-G and , I believe, FLOG is an acronym for “For Love Of God”… How can you love God and be angry or upset at the game of golf? (:-D ha, ha…)

Live love, love God and golf,

ROB – (admin)

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