5 Easy Steps to Online Marketing Success

In order to help you succeed online, I will now explain what the 5 easy steps to online marketing success are.  You can either already have a product or service that you want to sell to others or you can go through these 5 steps and then build your own product to market to others.

Five Steps to Online Marketing Success

First, you must choose a market. This market that you choose must be something that you enjoy doing or else something that you enjoy talking or writing about. The market that you choose must also be one where people have a desperate need and they are willing to spend good hard-earned money to pay for a solution like the one you are going to provide them.

The Golden Group

Secondly, you must build a “Squeeze Page” and make it the only avenue to the information that you have for sale. This Squeeze Page is not a Sales Page, by the way.

Next, you must have in place to or find a way to drive traffic online to your Squeeze Page. There are many ways that this can be done. Just check out what I have written at the end of this article. You may find a few “keys” and/or “tools” that I use to help me succeed in Online Marketing.

Live Love Together

Next, you must build a relationship with your contacts (your “list”). This can be done by simply asking them questions (for example,through email or even face-to-face contact). If your contacts are “Hungry Buyers” (i.e. you know that they want want you are going to offer them) especially, ask questions them questions like: “What is your greatest challenge in life?”. The main thing is to ask them questions that they will want to respond to.

Completed Splendor

Finally, you must build a “product funnel” that answers the specific quesions that you have asked them. This product funnel could answer one of your questions but then introduce and direct them to where they they can find the answers to many other related questions to the one you asked them. Now this page that they will be going to is the Sales Page (not the “squeeze page”).

This should be easy enough to understand, right? There may be a few more things that you may need to learn about some of the above terminology, but the main thing is to get started NOW. Don’t waste your time trying to get too many answers to some of your questions. “Just Do It!” is the slogan of Nike, right? They built a whole company are that slogan because it is a necessary ingredient of success.

Build it and They Will Come!! That’s right, this saying in the movie Field of Dreams is definitely true here.

For more information related to this topic, be sure to also check out: Wealthy Affiliate University.

Oh, and this is the tool that I mentioned earlier regarding Traffic Generation: For the Best and Most Important tool that I have found for doing just this, just go here and read my article about it: Micro Niche Finder . (This article will make available to you this tool that you should make your own for only a small one-time fee.

Should you decide to get the tool, then you will tap into a wealth of information about any topic you may wish to explore (including traffic generation secrets) from an incredibly successful Internet Marketer by the name of James Jones.

Live Love and Love God,

ROB – (admin)

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