What is the Proper Swing to Play Your Best Golf Ever?

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In this article, I would like to tell you, as simply as possible, what you must know and remember to apply in order to have the Proper Swing for golf. Too many golf teachers make this fundamental too complicated and emphasize it too much. Just remember to find a swing that is comfortable and that allows you to get consistent results. The swing for putting should embody some of the same characteristics as the full swing.

The next most important of the fundamentals of the Golf Swing Basics system is the Proper Swing. The previous four fundamentals (Relax, Watch the Ball, Balance & Foot Placement and Proper Grip are all tied into achieving the Proper Swing for your own physique and flexibility.

There is not one perfect swing for everyone. In other words, due to every individual golfer’s physique and flexibility capacities, the perfect swing for one individual golfer may not look like another golfer’s perfect swing.

There are, however, three common motions found in any good golf swing:

The first of these common motions is that the takeaway or backswing of the club should be started by the turning of the shoulders. The cocking of the wrists should not be what starts the clubhead moving back away from the ball. Moving the arms from the shoulder joints or elbow joints to start the club back away from the ball isn’t the correct motion either. Not even the turning of the hips initiates your backswing. This initial turning of your shoulders is the only thing that should start the club back from the ball in your backswing motion. If you are relaxed, the wrist cock, hip turn and arms position at the top of your backswing will be fine. So don’t worry about these things.

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The second common motion is the downswing. This should be started by the turning of the hips only. Once the club reaches the top of the backswing, the hips should begin to turn back toward where they initially were when the swing started. This initial force of the turning of the hips is what brings the club back down to impact with the ball. Do not try to initiate the downswing by turning your shoulders, or by pushing your arms back down, or by “uncocking the wrists”, or by “straightening your arms”.

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Finally, the third common motion is the follow through. The follow through starts from impact with the ball and finishes with: 1) your hips and shoulders facing the target line, 2) your hands over your left shoulder (for the right handed golfer) and 3) your weight being balanced over your left foot (for a right handed golfer).

A golfer’s position at the top of the backswing tells me whether they were relaxed when they started the backswing. It also tells me whether they initiated their backswing with their shoulders turning or not.

A golfer’s position at the end of their follow through tells me whether they were relaxed when they started the downswing. It also tells me whether they initiated their downswing with their hips turning toward the target line or not.

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