Course Strategy in Golf

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The last most important of the fundamentals of the Golf Swing Basics system is Strategy. Proper “golf course management” is sometimes what this is called. The other five fundamentals are all tied into being able to RELIABLY apply your strategy.

Planning Ahead in Chess

Strategy should be ALL that we are thinking about when we are playing the game. The other five fundamentals (relaxing, watching the ball, balance and footwork or proper setup, proper grip and proper stroke) should be worked on in your practice sessions ONLY.

Leave your other thoughts at the practice range. This will reduce the amount of stress and frustration you experience on the course and help you to enjoy the game more.

It's In!

Strategy is simply planning ahead for each shot that you make. It includes three decisions:

1. The correct club to use for the distance you need to hit the ball
2. The correct point on the course to aim your ball to go towards
3. How long of a swing to take

Your goal should be to maximize your realistic physical capability for that day and minimize the number of strokes needed to finish each hole. Your best strategy for your own ability level will many times not be the same as someone elses.

Take Dead Aim

Harvey Penick, a famous golf instructor who taught great golfers like Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite used to always say, “Just take dead aim”. When you think of this only, everything else falls into place without thinking too much about what you are doing.

It helps to know what you are capable of doing with each club in your bag in order to develop your strategy in golf. Do you know exactly how far you are capable of hitting the ball with each club in your bag?

Take time during your practice sessions to actually measure the exact distance the ball will carry (fly in the air) when you hit it with EACH of your clubs. Then write these distances down and have them available to check on when you are playing a round of golf.

Knowing how far the ball will fly in the air (your “carry” distance) with each club is an important step in having a reliable strategy in golf. The next step is knowing how far the ball will fly in the air with different lengths of swing.

Try taking 3/4, 1/2 and even 1/4 length swings with each club. Then write these carry distances down also and save them to refer to when you are playing a round of golf. This will help you to expand your strategy in golf even further. In addition, this will really sharpen your short game around the green.

To learn more about all 6 of the Golf Swing Basics that help you Learn to Play Golf Better see this:

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