The 6 Most Important Golf Swing Basics

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Every golfer at some time or another has the desire to find Golf Swing Basics that help them Learn to Play Golf Better. But not every golfer knows that there is an EASY way to do this and there is a Hard way. Basically, the Hard way is the “school of hard knocks” which is just trial and error. The EASY way is to learn the basic fundamentals necessary from a qualified Professional, that when understood and applied will produce rapid improvement.

A golfer that REALLY wants to learn the game in an easy and simplified manner will want to find a United States Golf Teachers Federation pro. Unlike a PGA teaching pro, a USGTF pro has been actually taught many techniques and strategies that have been proven to be effective in teaching others.

Most Professional Golf Teachers only touch on Three of these SIX GOLF SWING BASICS. It is my opinion that they are therefore Not Qualified to teach the game.

The Six Golf Swing Basics are:

1) Relax

2) Watch the Ball

3) Balance and Foot Placement or “Set up”

4) Proper Grip

5) Proper Swing

6) Strategy

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Each of these six Golf Swing Basics build upon each other. The same basics apply for almost any sport. In another sport that doesn’t involve watching a ball, you could call the second basic just “stay your mind” or “focus”. By watching the ball or staying your mind, you will be adding to your relaxation because your mind relaxes when it focuses on one thing at a time and performs at a higher level.

Balance and Foot Placement (Setup), Proper Grip and Proper Swing are all grouped together and listed in priority towards controlling the direction of your shot. You could have the correct grip ( for your own individual physique and comfort level) and you could have a beautiful swing motion, but if your feet are alligned in the wrong direction or if your weight is distributed incorrectly at any point in your swing, then the direction of your shot will be off your target.

The ultimate goal is to be thinking only about Strategy when you are playing a round of golf. This includes what club to hit, where to hit the ball and how long your swing should be in each and every situation you are confronted with. When playing a round of golf, this is really all we should be thinking consciously about in order to be playing our best. The other basics should be left on automatic drive during a round of golf.

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