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In order to be successful in the field of Internet Marketing you must find out what the Search Engines are really looking for and emphasizing in their page rankings.  If you do a search for almost anything, you will usually find a video related to your search on the first page of returned results.

I would like to introduce to you a technique of increasing your web page ranking in Google and other search engines.  Google really loves videos and searches them out very diligently.  I am going to use a video that I found on YouTube that I have inserted into this blog just so that you will see what it looks like.

The video itself will explain a way to make Social Networking on sites like Facebook work for you.  That’s right, the video itself can actually help emphasize a point you are trying to make as well as help your article or blog achieve up to first page rankings in Google.

So, if you have a video that you have created or one from another site (like YouTube) then you have a valuable tool that you can insert into your blogs or articles (where allowed).

So, that’s it for now.  As I said before, there will be more information coming later.  Check out some of the other articles I have posted here on this Blog Webpage if you like.  I welcome any comments or suggestions/opinions that you may have which may contribute to the overall database of information I am publishing here.  Just simply “Leave a Reply” on any article you read here.

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ROB – (admin)

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