Fall Leaves Pictures from Colorado 2009-2010

One of my favorite categories of photographs is Fall Leaves Pictures.  It truly is amazing how just the change in color of leaves during the Fall season can completely change the same landscape photograph.  Looking at a photo of beautiful Fall colors from Colorado is almost like admiring a well done painting by a Master painter.

Of course, we should all know who the real Master Painter is – Right?  I think that the reason I love photography so much is because I have a chance to frame a portion of God’s Masterful creation from a specific moment in time that I personally experienced.  The closer I am able to get to replicating what I saw with my own eyes, the better the photograph is, as a result.

Colorado’s colorful landscape begins to emerge usually by the middle of or late September.  In order to find great subject matter for any pictures you may like to take of this event only requires finding where the Aspen trees are showing their yellow-gold colors.

I fell in love with Colorado about 30 years ago when I visited for the first time during the summer.  I was teaching tennis at a resort up in the mountains called Keystone.  At the end of that summer I was reassigned down to Arizona in Scottsdale.  On my drive down to Arizona I still can picture in my mind one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen… It looked like a whole valley was ablaze with gold below the road I was travelling on.  I made a silent promise to myself that one day I would come back to Colorado to live and make a home there.

Now, 30 years later, I am BACK and living here and loving every minute of it!!  I am sure there are other beautiful places to live in the world which possess a beauty of their own.  The thing is; Colorado has a different kind of beauty for every season of the year.  I have lived in many places in the world (especially in the United States) and have found great subject matter for my landscape photography in each and every place.  Somehow though (for year-round photography) I can’t find even a close competitor to Colorado’s awesome beauty.

I remember a line of music sung by John Denver where he sings about seeing “Fire raining down from the skies”.  Well, let me tell you, when it rains during a sunset here, I have actually seen this effect happening!  He also sang about the many beautiful and memorable sights he saw in Colorado with regard to the Colors of Fall.

If you are lucky, you may get a rare picture of white fluffy snow on golden aspen trees highlighted by late afternoon or early morning sunlight.  I got some very good pictures of this very rare subject matter last year when I finally moved back to Colorado.

Here’s a sample of this rare event:


Here is a slideshow of some of the other Fall leaves pictures I took from 2009-2010 below:


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Keep an eye out for some of my photographs on the web.  You may fall in love with Colorado also and make plans to move here some day.

Thanks for your interest in my photography,

ROB – (admin)

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