The Real (and the Exact) Key or Secret to Success

cropped-The-Secret-to-Success-2.pngYou have probably wondered, after arriving at this webpage, “What is the Real Key or Secret to Success?”.  You know, in order to give you the answer to this question, I must give credit where credit is due…

God is the only one who can really give us the True Definition of what the key or secret to success really is.  Wouldn’t you agree with me here?  Now, I know that everyone has their own interpretation of who God is and how He expresses Himself to us.  Well, let’s just take a look at what He says of Himself and His Word in the Bible for just a moment… (click here).

OK, now let’s take a look at a record in the Bible of what happened after Moses died and Joshua was given the responsibility of leading a very large number of believers into the Promised Land (where current day Israel is located).

If you have a Bible available, then go get it and turn in it to Joshua 1:1-18 .  If you don’t have one available to look at, then here is a link that you can click on to find and read this section of God’s Word.  Just click on this link:  Joshua 1:1-18 .


Now, the scripture verse that I would like you to look at is Joshua 1:8.

This scripture reads (in the KJV translation):  This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

There it is… God’s Secret to Success.  Read this verse over again slowly and carefully.  The first thing that you will notice is that God wanted Joshua to meditate in His Word (the Book of the Law).  He also told Joshua that he should not let this Book of the Law depart out of his mouth.  In other words, Joshua should keep speaking (to himself and to others) this Book of the Law.  That’s right.  This was a BIG Key to Joshua’s successful journey from here on out.

The second thing that you may have noticed is that when Joshua kept speaking the Truth to himself and others, God promises Joshua; “that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein:”  That’s right, Joshua (after continuing to speak God’s Word to himself and others) would then be able to do according to all that was written in His Word.

The third and final thing that you will notice is that God promises Joshua that “then (as a result of speaking and doing His Word and obeying the principles in it) thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success (not just success, but good success)”.

Valuable Resources for SuccessSo, what can we learn from this about success?  It can all be summed up in a very popular saying in our present day way of saying things… We must “Talk the Walk and Walk the Talk“.  That’s right, I would much rather see a sermon than hear one any day.  Wouldn’t you?

I personally learn much faster when I see the example of someone doing something that I am trying to learn rather than just hearing them explain to me how it is done.  Everyone interprets what someone may say differently most of the time.  This private interpretation is very dangerous on the students part (see II Peter 1:20-21).  When they try to apply what they have been taught, they may get it right by accident, or they may get it completely wrong too.

When I teach someone a skill, I try to not only tell them what to do, but I try to also demonstrate to them how it is done.  Then I take an extra step in even personally guiding them through what they are trying to learn step-by-step, if necessary.  That way, they see the lesson, hear the lesson and then even feel the lesson being applied as I guide them.

Teaching the ChildrenDifferent people learn in different ways.  So we, as teachers, must make sure that we “cover all the bases” in our instruction in order to be truly successful in our endeavors.  The reward of Living and Teaching what You personally have learned and “made your own” is enormous.

Success is like breathing. If we always breathe in… we die. We must eventually breathe out to live. To be successful, we must share what we have received.

Live Love in Life (by simply giving back – teaching) and you will have Good Success in anything you decide to put your mind to. May you have Great Success in all of your endeavors in this life so that you will be able to teach others also and obtain an even greater reward !!!



May God Truly Bless You,

ROB – (admin)

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