The Foundational Principles of Effective Article Marketing

This is a continuing series of articles that I have written regarding Internet Marketing Success.  This blog post is specifically addressing the controversial subject of Effective Article Marketing.  What I will be writing about here relates to the Foundational Principles of Effective Article Marketing.

Article Marketing could be defined as simply, “Writing down IDEAS that you have been TAUGHT or TEACHING IDEAS that you have LEARNED and SUCCESSFULLY APPLIED in your own life.

Article Marketing is NOT:

1) Copying and Pasting ideas or information that someone else has already successfully posted on the Internet.

2) Hard Work…(If you think about it, we all write, for the most part, even in our daily lives…i.e. emails).

3) Boring…(Rather, it is FUN because of the fact that we are expressing ourselves and what we THINK).

An “original article” is one that is uniquely your own in concept and thoughts expressed.  In addition, it must be at least 80% original or it won’t even be accepted by most article submission sites online.

I think that Everyone should at least try submitting one article to an online article submission site once, if you can.  This is mainly because you will find out that it is easy and fun to do.  Next, you will find out that you are just only expressing a thought that has crossed your mind.  Who knows?  Maybe the thought that you express is exactly what someone else needed to read or hear.  You may have an impact positively on someone elses life.

You ARE being “creative”.  But, just remember that God was really the first to “create” everything.  I like to give credit back to God in whatever I accomplish in life.  I think He enjoys hearing that.

Article Marketing WILL go on Forever, just like Life will go on Forever as long as it is allowed to grow.  If you don’t agree with me, then let’s just say that you and I have a little bet going on….

You can and SHOULD have Fun writing articles and posts on blogs.

Article Marketing in it’s basic form is TEACHING.

NOW…… Are YOU ready?…… OK, Just Simply Write.  That’s All There is To It !  Go ahead and just Try it at least once.  If you would like a little help, then you might enjoy visiting the site link next to my picture below in order to get some help getting started.

Good “Believing” in Your Future in Article Marketing 😀

ROB – (admin)

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