The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography can be a very enjoyable experience that can be quite relaxing and inspiring at the same time. Whenever I look at images like the one shown to the right, I am both amazed and inspired at the same time.

Isn’t it amazing to think of what is really up above our heads at ALL times of the day in heaven? Did you know that the Biblical definition of “heaven” is actually “any place above the surface of the earth”? When I see pictures of some of what is WAYYY…….. up there, I must pause to ask myself, “Now how did this really get there and why is it so beautiful in structure and design?”.

Everyone has their own opinion about how these beautiful sights came into being. I definitely have MY opinion about how this happened and why it is still there… Do you?

Now, since God is such a “Great Artist” and since He has given us such great examples of what True Art should look like, don’t you think that we can at least come as close as we can to duplicating or recording what He has already done?  THAT, in my opinion, is the definition of True Art.  Let me say that again in another way: I define True Art as simply the duplication, recording of or simulation of what God has already magnificently done.


Here are some more outer space pictures that I have collected…..

Enjoy… (The first photo is called “The Eye of God Nebula”. To see the name of the others, just hold your cursor over the picture.)

All of these pictures were from the Hubble Telescope site online.

Photography is one of My Favorite Ways of expressing myself artisticly.  I absolutely love focusing on, framing and then taking a picture of those things that I see as being beautiful or eye-captivating.  One website you should definitely check out that has ALOT of beautiful photography is Webshots .  There are over 672 million photos on this site (and counting…).

When you need to get a new camera, upgrade your camera with new lenses or find other photography equipment and you want to get the BEST price then click the link below… (even if you only want to just Compare Prices)


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Thanks for your interest in my photography,

ROB – (admin)

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