Leisure/Fun Activities (That are Stress Reducers)

Life has it’s many twists and turns just like the river that is shown to the right.  There is no question that we are going to have to change direction a few times in our lives.  The only question is, “How can we make changes in our lives without getting all ‘stressed out’?”

You see, the reason we get all this stressed out, in the first place is mostly because we first doubt, then we begin to worry, then this eventually results finally in full-fledged fear.  We are fearful that we will not be able to make the change or deadline that we are planning on making.

What we really need to do most of the time is just take a break and get our minds off of the pending “doom” to come (which is what we imagine the experience of having to make a change to be).  Below, I have gathered together a full list of Stress Reducing Activities.

I am sure that you will recall in your mind many Fun Times that you have had doing any number of these activities.  You might just circle those activities that you have done and then go back and underline those activities that you might like to try some time.


(Anyone could truly benefit from trying at least a few of these activities once in a while)

Leisure/Fun  Activities (That are Stress Reducers)

(Highlight, Circle or Underline Activities You either Do Already or Would Like to Learn to Do…)
* copyrighted by Rob Bradshaw
Leisure and Fun Activities to Do 2

* By all means, please feel free to copy and paste or print this list out. Just please be sure to give Rob Bradshaw (http://the-secret-to-success.org/) credit for the full original copy as seen here.

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